Crew Car / Coach based on small industrial wagon chassis

Enjoy building small crew car based on industrial wagon chassis. It can be used as visitor's coach on your sightseeing railway.

Small crew car / caboose based on Bachmann V side dump chassis

Cabin box is loaded on Bachmann V side dump chassis

Bachmann On30 V side dump car is nice for small industrial operation. However, it is still large. I imagined that it could be right if its chassis is used for some other body. I removed framer holding dump bucket and placed a cabin box on the chassis. This is an one evening project. Cabin box is made by styrene sheet, and added hinge and latch detail for door on one end,

Crew car based on HO bogie trucks

Round roof type

Peaked roof type
MDC HO Fox truck is used for underframe.

These crew cars are based on wagon chassis described in my book. MDC Roundhouse HO Fox truck is fixed on floorboard. It looks like a rigid 2 axle frame. Any arch bar type truck will substitute it.
A plan is shown here.
There are two body types. (In some photo, open cars based on same chassis are also shown beside them.) One is a round roof type. I used Evergreen V-groove sheets for body siding. Time-consuming grooving work can be avoided but aligining shoud be careful when using cutting template. Another one is a peaked roof type. I added brake handle and entrance chain as details.

May 2007, Nobuo Koizumi